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Kierkegaard on communism

Over the past week, I’ve been entrenched in Joakim Garff’s biography of Kierkegaard. Here is an interesting note regarding Kierkegaard’s impromptu response to the King of Denmark over the king’s worries about communism:

It will be a battle between one class and another, but it would always be in the interest of the hostile parties to have good relations with the monarch. The same problem had occurred in ancient times and was recurring now, and it was easy to see that the king would in a way be beyond the fray. There would be hostilities like those in a house, between the cellar and the ground floor and between these two and the next floor, et cetera, but they would not attack the landlord.

Garff, Kierkegaard, pg. 483

I’m not sure exactly what to make of this, other than the fact that apparently Kierkegaard was not very well informed about communism in 1847 (when this encounter with the king took place).


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H/T: Lenin’s Tomb

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