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Son of Man Film

Recently, both Michael and David have highlighted the forthcoming release of the movie Son of Man. Thomas has also posted some reflections on it, although his comments contain spoilers for those of you who like to avoid those things. The movie looks great, and you should check it out when it is released in March.


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I hope to finally finish working through Kearney’s Anatheism by next week, but no promises. School and other obligations have turned out to be way more taxing than I had assumed. In the meantime, interested readers might want to keep an eye on Jeremy’s blog over the next two weeks, as he will be posting in depth on several works of radical theology.

Finally, by way of an announcement, I wanted to make known that this blog will be hosting a book event on Eric Santner’s The Psychotheology of Everyday Life. The event will start on March 22nd and continue for two weeks. In addition to Jeremy and myself, there will be posts from AJ and Robert. I’m looking forward to the collaboration, and hopefully some good dialog. This conversation will be even better if we get some contributions from other readers, so I encourage you to pick up a copy of the book and read along.

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