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As performed by Slaid Cleaves.



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Please translate this. I need it for my independent study. Thanks.

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On Indoctrination


John Cole, The Scranton-Times Tribune

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Here is a very interesting interview with Max Blumenthal, author of the forthcoming book, Republican Gomorra: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Republican Party.

Blumenthal has a pretty convincing argument that the Republican Party has turned into a one-ring circus that uses personal crisis to manipulate followers. Basically, he explains how we get from Eisenhower to Sarah Palin. Blumenthal seems progressive (and this is Democracy Now! of course), but even for some conservatives/libertarians, he’s probably preaching to the choir.

As someone who was once influenced by this movement and some of the characters like Dobson (in a non-radical way, with the kind of Christian conservatism that many in my generation grew up with and still embrace in some way), I think that Blumenthal’s work is pretty important.

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