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One of my tutorials this fall is focused on the life and work of St. Augustine. I have been reading through the assigned books of City of God and was encouraged to run across this bit of wisdom.

We do in fact find among human beings some individuals with natural abilities very different from the rest of mankind and remarkable by their very rarity. Such people can do some things with their body which are for others utterly impossible and well-nigh incredible when they are reported. [. . .] A number of people produce at will such musical sounds from their behind (without any stink) that they seem to be singing from that region.

– St. Augustine City of God Book XIV Ch. 24

Common ground already! I’m not exactly sure what the good bishop is referring to, but it sounds quite impressive! I don’t suspect that he intended it to be read in the tone that I am reading it in, but I am going to pretend that he did and have a good laugh nonetheless.

I thought this would be a fitting way to break ground on the blog, and perhaps give some insight into my theological outlook.


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